Cecil B. Deaho and Billy Bob Boudreaux first met in a New Orleans Public High School over 30 years ago. Even though the two had very little in common, they quickly became best friends and have stayed in touch ever since graduation. Despite taking totally opposite career paths, they still remained buds over the years. 

As legend has it, Cecil B. always had visions of grandeur and dreamed about becoming a famous Hollywood Filmmaker and winning the Academy Award one day. Billy Bob was a happy go lucky kind of fellow, and wanted to follow in the family tradition of hunting and fishing every chance he had. Eventually, the two friends followed their passion as Cecil B. moved to Los Angeles to work in the movie business, while Billy Bob stayed home and worked at the local radio station when he wasn’t catching an ice chest full of speckled trout or hunting down a four point buck.  

Growing up in a large Italian family, Cecil B. would travel back home every now and then, sharing stories of the new projects he had in development. He was always just one step away from his “big break” and getting that Oscar he so desperately craved. Billy Bob would always welcome his best bud with a case of ice cold brewskies, country tunes, and a platter of wild game or fresh fish from his day’s catch.

It never failed that after the two had downed their first six pack, each one would express their opinions of the news of the day which was always an amusing tug of war. Cecil B. had become a true Hollywood Liberal and a die-hard fan of MSNBC. On the other hand, Billy Bob was immersed in his Southern Conservative beliefs and was glued to FOX News each and every night. Beer after beer, story after story, the two buddies would go back and forth telling their side of the news and never could they ever agree on anything.

After 30 long years of dueling over the events of the day from opposite ends of America, Cecil B. came crawling back to his hometown with his tail between his legs, having been shunned by the movie industry following another project that had gone tits up. Meanwhile, Billy Bob had worked his way up to News Director of the lowest rated radio station in town. With both friends needing something to rejuvenate their dying careers, Cecil B. puts on his best P.T. Barnham hat and convinces his buddy to let him produce a groundbreaking radio show that he guarantees will take the station to #1.